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Is immigration just child’s play economics

Immigration as bad economics seems to belie the story that immigration is good for the economy. 

 Recent developments saw Greek citizens give 7% of their votes to the neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party.  One wonders if not for economics if the Golden Dawn party would have ever seen the light of day?

Funny, or perhaps tragic that societies once harmonious with great economies are singing Kumbaya, holding hands on a mountaintop, with a coke and smile, with nary a racist word by the majority.  Then as the economy hits the proverbial crapper, once harmonious societies look for someone to blame, usually a race, culture or religion as the scapegoat.

Of course politicians looking for power prey on the feeble minded telling them what they want to hear. 

Hitler and other dictorial nutjobs monopolize on that facet of human frailty with the masses when a economy goes South.
Human nature, ain't it fickle?

As European economies lay in tatters racists attitudes towards immigrants seems to be the catchall in solving a countries economic woes between the have and the have not.

While racism has no place in any society, certainly reverse racism is an issue which shows its ugly head. Some may not call it reverse racism but more class against class which traverses all cultures, unfortunately brought to a new land by those looking for a better life.

During the 1840s Irish potato famine Irish citizens flocked to North America, much to the outrage of North Americans. Irish Ghettos formed, riots ensued and culture shock was something North Americans found distasteful against their former countrymen, albeit European countrymen.

Granted, some could say it was more about class versus class, but eventually the Irish assimilated into society reaching political office and attaining influence, despite those who were against them.

In the 1989, East Germans were enjoying the fall of the Berlin wall, with west Germany celebrating in the streets at reunification of their fellow countrymen.  A mass exodus of east Germans to the west soon followed as east Germans went to where the jobs were, well paying jobs the west had to offer. 

Celebrations soon turned to anger as west Germans saw their fellow east German countrymen taking over, certainly employers benefiting on paying less wages to east Germans had many west Germans rioting over losing jobs as natural born west Germans. An economic downturn was commencing.

In 1997 Hong Kong, once a British colony reverted back to the Communist Chinese.  Since the mid to late 1980s a decade previous to this handover, Hong Kong citizens fearing the worst once under Communist Chinese rule swarmed to British Columbia and settled in Metro Vancouver. 

British Columbia (BC) citizens described in derogatory terms that these Hong Kong citizens drove up land prices as BC citizens found it increasingly impossible to purchase a home due to inflated real estate prices.

Past and present BC governments of the day only too happy to secure Hong Kong investment chastised British Columbians for their racist attitudes, touting Diversity and Multiculturalism is what Canada is all about.

In 2012, as in the past decades Hong Kong citizens are said to display culture shock forming into racist attitudes against mainland Chinese citizens. Certainly the Pot calling the Kettle black.

An attitude similar to British Columbia’s citizens past and present against Hong Kong citizens who immigrated to British Columbia, though in this case most likely a class versus class culminating into reverse racism practiced by Hong Kong citizens.

Hong Kong citizens are showing venomous outrage against millions of mainland Chinese who annually migrate to the city of Hong Kong, describing fellow countrymen as swarms of locusts descending on the city of Hong Kong consuming virtually everything in its path and then some.  Hong Kong citizens, who abhor their fellow countrymen, state their inability to speak their language, culture and manners, ranging from spitting in public to other uncouth ways lack the social graces befitting this former British colony.

It is said many mainland Chinese gravitate in swarms to Hong Kong in order to give birth thus allowing their children to secure the Holy Grail of Hong Kong passports and take advantage of Hong Kong’s generous social programs.  Hong Kong citizens complain this causes bed shortages for it native born citizens and drains the eroding Health care finances.

One sticking point Hong Kong citizens have is nouveau rich mainland Chinese buying up properties like socks at a bargain bin outlet.  Infuriated Hong Kong citizens complain they cannot afford a home in their own city as the real estate market has reached stratospheric proportions. 

As Hong Kong citizens erect billboards displaying mainland Chinese as Locusts, many have resorted to singing songs against their fellow mainland Chinese countrymen.

Certainly juxtaposition, as Multiculturalism and Diversity is lure to those who come here, yet rarely practiced once on Canadian soil.

Today Chinese anti sentiment brought on by the purchase of oil from the Alberta Oil sands by China seen by many as Hong Kong states as locusts, is Canada’s reluctance against China’s insatiable consumption in buying every Canadian raw natural resource available, with Canadians fearing once all our natural resources are plundered and gone, Canada will be at the mercy of other countries to supply us at inflated prices what we once had in abundance.

Selling the cow, doesn’t make sense when you have hungry mouths to feed.
Currently the Globe and Mail is featuring a story about Chinese immigrants who feel they are not making enough money in Canada, again a sentiment many Canadians also state. Though one would think being a contributing member of society would be paramount over getting rich if one were to listen to pro immigration politicians and special interests who state how Immigration is supposed to work.

The Globe and Mail’s story on Canada Immigration “Where does your community fit in?” has provided Canadian readers with a link and invite Canadians to see where immigrant migration is in their own city, just by entering their postal code

This postal code link is certainly an interesting eye opener to see what is going on in your neighbourhood.

Many anti immigrations advocates feel that immigrants are the cause of their problems, when too few jobs are out there, or bankrupt social programs due to the mass influx of citizens and immigrants alike that use them.

Of course politicians capitalize on a countries misfortune, using their platforms in saying what irate voters wish to hear, directing diatribes and rarely offering positive concrete solutions to solve anything.

While racism is a going concern, many who are anti immigration seem to feel their self preservation is at stake as eroding health and school budgets are being decimated defying logic when told by pro immigration advocates that more immigrants with children are our future. If this were the case would not our schools have the money to pay for the increase in students in a classroom if economic reasoning by politicians that immigrants are our future in boosting our economic fortunes?

It is said by think tanks that immigrants cost Canadians $23.6 Billion dollars a year, every year. If so, then Canada does not seem to be getting a return on its investment.  Today Health Care for elderly immigrants seems to be an aspect where a return on investment is flawed.

While it is human nature to want what others have, there are many Canadians who fail to achieve it or are not willing to work for it.  Immigrants for the most part are hard working, though it is said they earn far less than average Canadians. Certainly unfair when Canada states those who do the same work of equal value should be paid the same. Apparently not!

Notwithstanding are Canada’s protectionist professions, where immigrant doctors, lawyers, engineers are driving cabs and delivering pizza.  Apparently Italy, Greece and other European countries share the same predicament barring those immigrants qualified from reaching their potential. One only has to read the media reports how that protectionism is working out for their economies.

Perhaps, immigration, culture shock and some of these people are not like the other can be explained in its basic logic.  One only has to watch children at play and see how we are taught to do as we say, not as we do when lectured by a parent or politician.

If one were to break down humans in any society to its basic elements, can we see where some or most of our problems lie when dealing with one another, including immigration.

Human immigration tied to social programs and a countries economic program dictates who gets them, who can afford them or who is willing to pony up the dough to share them with others who can’t pay for them.  Certainly child’s play when you think of it.

All humans including the animal and insect kingdom enjoy their own personal space, and when that personal space is encroached upon people lash out.

When society sees their city or environment change many are reluctant to accept change, including the new cultural faces around them. Can it be construed as racism or human nature? Let’s face it, animal or human some are complete morons when it comes to interacting with each other, so let us dwell just on the social interaction aspect and leave it at that.

The animal world including humans are no different when it comes to strangers, though we are thought of being above all other animals when it comes to reasoning, truth being, we are pretty much in the same boat.

From ants, chimps, to humans, a strange face brings suspicion when introduced into a society of familiar faces.

Have you ever watched a group of children playing? Introduce a new child into the group and watch the reaction, the new child will stand off to one side until either accepted or rejected by the group.  If the child is holding a new toy or a treat, acceptance by the group seems to be a lot easier. 

On the other hand is when group of children walk into a room and there are not enough toys, either they share the toys, or a few children become jealous of those who do have a toy. A few children may lash out and take a toy away from a child. Is this racism if one child is a different colour or culture than another?  Certainly not, though many in society see it as racism.

If one were to think of social programs as toys, then maybe it is easier to understand why we are in the predicament we are in.

Greece, like many countries where there are not enough toys to go around either want what others have, or see others enjoying the toys of life who have not earned it.

Immigration shows that when those who come to a new country without a toy or positive aspect, it brings derision by citizens.  The same if immigrants refuse to assimilate into a countries culture, such as not wanting to learn their new countries culture or language brought on by ghettoism. 

What makes it worse is when immigrants take all the free toys offered by their new country, leaving natural born citizens without or resulting in natural born citizens forced to pay or borrow additional monies (sometimes from other countries) for toys solely benefitting the immigrants. Usually resulting in taxpaying citizens seeing little benefits to them self resulting in those countries going deep in debt. France, Greece, Italy are prime examples.

On the other side of the coin are immigrants who come to a new country with lots of toys and prefer not to share, preferring to take advantage of their new countries offer of free toys paid for by that countries taxpayers. This is when citizens who see greed as the cause of countries social and economic problems.

There are some immigrants who share their toys, including giving away most of their toys to that country, much like the child waiting for acceptance to the group, usually are readily accepted into the fold and assimilate.  

So in ending when politicians wag a finger at us like a stern parent and tell us to play nice and share our toys, some of us do, some of us don’t. The ones who can afford it share.  Though   national polls indicate the majority of Canadians either don’t want to share, indicating they have very little to begin with, or cannot afford to share, let alone buy a toy for them self.

There used to be a political saying "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" Today it seems all political party mantras once in office is replaced with, "ask not what I can do for you, but what's in it for me?"

One thing that has to be made very, very clear is politicians, unlike your parents rarely share their toys with anyone in a “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality!

Now go out there and play nice!

Immigration: Is the Canadian honeymoon over?

Doug Sander's Globe and Mail piece on a theoretical infusion of ramping up immigration to 400,000 people annually in Canada is being met with harsh commentary by Canadians.

Whose fault is it when Canadians are fed a steady diet by politicians and special interest groups that Canadians and Immigrants are enjoying a fairytale Honeymoon?
Canadian comments  suggest Canadians are tired of constantly hearing about this mythical fairytale Honeymoon they are paying $23.6 billion dollars every year for year after year.

Canadians it appears by a vast majority according to polls, may have decided the Canadian and Immigrant honeymoon is over and to cut our losses.

Doug’s Saunders on the other hand proposes Canada increase immigration, not reduce it.  Doug feels our Canadian population should be 100 million people by the 22nd century and in order to achieve this we need to increase our current immigration numbers up to 400,000 immigrants each and every year.

Statistics shows Canadians are paying $23.6 Billion dollars annually just to maintain our current level of just 250,000 immigrants a year. Increasing immigration to 400,000 people would cost the Canadian taxpayer around $37- 40 billion dollars each and every year.

Canadians may have woken up as they fail to see the return on investment promised by every previous federal and provincial government.

It is also believed that an additional 500,000 illegal immigrants are spread throughout Canada’s major cities blending into ethnic ridings such as Metro Vancouver and Toronto.

Many believe government inaction in the past and present of finding illegal immigrants is due partly that illegal immigrants reside in large Liberal and NDP voting strongholds, and these politicians are reluctant to stir the melting pot within their own ethnic ridings.

If estimates of $23.6 billion dollars for 250,000 legal immigrants are accurate, it is fair to say 500,000 illegal immigrants are costing the Canadian taxpayer $40 billion dollars or more, since they will most likely receive all the social benefits without paying taxes.

Immigrants to Canada cost the federal government as much as $23-billion annuallyand “impose a huge fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers,” according to a think-tank report released Tuesday that was immediately criticized as telling only part of the story.

The Fraser Institute report (download the PDF hereor see it below) says newcomers pay about half as much in income taxes as other Canadians but absorb nearly the same value of government services, costing taxpayers roughly $6,051 per immigrant and amounting to a total annual cost of somewhere between $16.3-billion and $23.6-billion.
Fraser Institute

Judging by the massive majority of negative responses to Doug Sanders story, those opposed would not even be alive once we make the 22nd century mark.  Canadians are looking out for the welfare of their own future progeny in the hopes they will enjoy better times ahead as we approach the 22nd century.

Currently governments across Canada are professing they are in the poorhouse when it comes to delivering social programs. Programs ranging from Health Care, School funding to Welfare programs, including Unemployment Insurance as it appears unemployment is higher in many regions in Canada.

While this shortfall cannot all be blamed on immigrants, it does show that Canadians and governments are strapped for cash to pay for these programs.  If our current level of 250,000 immigrants in Canada costs the Canadian taxpayer $6,051.00 for each immigrant man,woman and child, it is easy to see why Canadians would be adverse to ramping immigration to 400,000 immigrants annually.

It seems likely an additional 150,000 immigrants a year will only add to the current burden to the Canadian economy.

It is said we already have way too many immigrants who fail to have any language or job skills, other than menial labour skills, with very few with coming here with professional skills.  These are the primary detractors many Canadians feel we must limit immigration in the first place.

Immigrant investment was also a big plus Canadians were told which would boost the Canadian economy and Canadians would be hired to reduce unemployment.

Apparently when it comes to Investment criteria, at least in Metro Vancouver, buying or building a house apparently is all that is required, providing short term employment for Realtors and Developers and their tradesmen.  Canadians demand long term employment instead of sporadic employment.

If we are to increase immigration we need to attract immigrant investors with a business acumen to start a business in Canada to hire Canadians and not use their investment just to purchase a holiday home.

Certainly Canada seems to attract many immigrants from third world countries who neither have English or French language skills, with many relying on a host of immigrant services just to function in Canadian society.

A quick search by Canadians shows that the variety of Immigrant service agencies in their town to realise the issues, such as English as a second language etc.  If our intent was to attract immigrants who are to be up and running ready to work and pay taxes, complete with language skills once they get to Canada, certainly someone has failed to ensure this at the initial immigration hearing stage.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney are doing what they can to change that ensuring Canadian get a bang for their tax buck. They have their work cut out just with the current level of 250,000 immigrants, so adding 150,000 more immigrants does not make sense when the issues they face with 250,000 seem insurmountable already.

Those who counter Doug’s argument, need to separate the wheat from the chaff, breaking down Doug's “ more is better theory”  if Canadians were to accept 400,000 immigrants annually.

What Canadians need is a tongue and cheek story Canadians and Immigrants readily identify with daily.  Some may take exception, but many Canadian and Immigrant seeing those around them without a strong work ethic feel those whose free ride mentality takes advantage of all of us!   

Politicans, like any relationship need each other in other to co exist. It may not be perfect, infighting pitting friend against friend and foe is always in the mix.
Rarely do Politicians on opposing sides entertain pillow talk or kiss and make up, the make up sex just gets too weird.

Two years ago, Conservatives had a minority government with Liberals, NDP, and Bloc actually running the show as a group.

The Conservative government under Stephen Harper found it increasingly hard to pass any bill, without it being immediately criticized and motions to cancel the bill by all opposition parties who enjoyed their new found power.

Prime Minister Harper felt this political marriage with the opposition parties was getting too difficult to maintain as Canadians were increasingly dissatisfied with all politicial parties.

Prime Minister Harper and the Opposition parties decided to get a  political divorce by holding an election.

Last year 2011, Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative government got a vote of confidence by the majority of Canadians. This effectively ended his brief flirtation and late night spooning with the NDP and a final divorce with the Liberals.

Certainly political bedfellows, now estranged, saw the liberals overtaken by the NDP as the official opposition. The Bloc presently are nowhere to be seen.

The story is called Political bedfellows.

The First date

Steve Conservative and Nancy Liberal meet on a blind date through mutual friends (30+ million Canadians).

Both are attractive, immensely popular, and seem like a good match, though they have differing views on most topics, they enjoy a good debate, show mutual respect, and feel their opinions are valid, as do their respective families (Conservative and Liberal party).

Friends keep inviting them to the same parties in the hopes that a continual meet and greet will form into a lasting romantic relationship.

Eventually Steve and Nancy decide to give it a go since the communication is already there and in time take it to the next step, cohabitating.  Their 30 + million friends are ecstatic.

Soon pressure to marry(hold an election) from friends and family begins, though Steve and Nancy feel they are not ready yet, eventually capitulate to shut their friends and family up.

Steve and Nancy iron out a few details, feeling if this marriage is going to work, certain conditions need to be in place so down the road there are no surprises.

The Engagement

Steve proposes, Nancy accepts and a wedding date (Election) is set..

The Bridal Registry


Nancy begins to enter her wish list of wedding gifts  (Liberal political promises)into the bridal registry (Canadian Economic Strategy) hoping guests (taxpayers) and out of towners (immigrants) will choose (Vote) to bring to her blessed event (potential majority government), it seems the sky is the limit.

Some guests and out of towners viewing the expensive gifts in the  bridal registry (Liberal Canadian Economic Strategy) feel Nancy is too caught up in the moment.
Friends, guests and out of town guests alike go to the both families (Conservative and Liberal Political Parties) and state Nancy should trim down her wish list, cause some of these gifts are a tad pricey, even for a wedding.

Nancy’s family approach her about it and Nancy says, “Yeah, but some of these gifts pay for themselves and most are a bargain, on sale if you use a coupon (Taxpayers money), besides “It’s my wedding and I’m the bride (Leader of the party) and some of my wealthier friends (Special Interests)  think I’m worth it.


Word soon reaches Steve, through family, guests, and friends that perhaps Nancy is getting ahead of herself.  Steve approaches Nancy and says, dear, I’ve been told your extravagant wish list is getting everyone uneasy in these tight economic times.  Do we really need all this?


Nancy pouts to her Maid of Honor Marcy (NDP and left wing parties) that no one understands her. Marcy lends a shoulder to cry on and vows to support her.  Marcy, a tad flighty at times always seems to be the bridesmaid, and never the bride, but is always a popular choice when it comes to a supporting role at wedding events. Nancy always the friend helps her win a vote of confidence with some of Nancy’s circle of friends (Liberal voters) just in case Marcy ever gets a beau (Vote splitting) one day.

The Guest List

Steve, Nancy and Marcy go over the guest list and hilarity ensues as both ladies want as many attendees as possible to attend.
Steve: ever the more financially responsible “I think I see some trimming we can do”.

Nancy and Marcy disagree because the event planner (Doug Sanders and other Special Interest Think Tanks) told them the banquet hall (Canada) is big enough to seat everyone, including 400,000 out of town (Immigrants) guests.

Steve:  Man, where are we going to get all the money to pay for all this?

Nancy and Marcy both chime in “Our friends (Canadian Taxpayers) are paying for everything”!

Steve: Hmmm, did our friends agree to all this?

Nancy: Well not in so many words, Marcy and I figure when the bill comes, if we divide the cost equally amongst our 30+ million friends (Taxpayers), and out of town guests (Immigrants) the cost should be cheap, cheap, cheap.

Steve: What about the 400,000 out of towners (Immigrants)? How much are they contributing into all this?

Nancy: Oh Steve, Steve, Steve, we can’t exclude the out of town guests, some are  “super duper rich”, which means expensive gifts ( business investment) and the others are (skilled workers) who are eager to contribute.

Steve: Really? You know this for a fact?

Nancy: Well Mr. Poopy pants, all I know is I want lots of expensive gifts and a fairytale wedding like the ones they have in Europe with lots and lots of pomp and everything.

Steve: I dunno, I keep hearing European Wedding communities fired all the event planners (Special Interest Groups)because too many out of town guests showed up empty handed (no job skills or financial support).

European guests complained there wasn’t enough food (jobs and housing) at the reception dinner for everyoneand bringing in more out of town guests doesn’t make sense when food is scarce. Now Europeans can only afford a quickie civil wedding (economic austerity) and pot luck sandwiches (declining social programs).  Not pretty, when there is no money (bankruptcy, debt and political instability) for the honeymoon.

Nancy:  Gee Steve, you can be such a downer.
Steve: All I’m saying is, no one should get a free ride and rely on others to pay their bills.

Nancy:  Let’s just say, we agree to disagree okay? Now kiss me you fool!

 The Wedding

All goes well, with everyone in attendance, Bride and Groom are beaming as all attendees await the final “I do” (Voters hitting the polls). The families (political parties) on all sides see this as a coup for everyone who showed up (Voted)

The Reception

The guests (Voters) arrive, seats are taken (polling stations open). Waiters (Media and Pollsters) mill about the head table taking menu (responses) selections. Will it be Alberta Blue Beef (Conservative), Nova Scotia Red Lobster (Liberals) or West Coast Vegan Mixed salad (NDP and the Left)?

The other guests (Taxpayers) are told a buffet (election promises by all political parties) table will be set up with a variety of tasty menu choices (social programs).

A speech is made at the head table (Party HQ) by Steve, clearly the victor, but with the Bride in tow who pipes up, a happy wife is a happy life for your future Steve (Conservative Minority Government).

The traditional husband and wife slow dance begins.

Nancy and Steve go from table to table, greeting each and every guest thanking them for attending, Friends begin to pin money on the bridal gown as Nancy and Steve mill about.

While chatting with the out of town guests, some out of town guests gladly pin money to the bridal gown, while many out of town guests seem to have come down with Alan Harper Disease (TVs Three & Half Men), no relation to Steve, sheepishly explaining they forgot their wallet.

Nancy sighs, and says to them, oh that’s okay I’m sure your wedding present is out of this world expensive, give me a clue, is it a Business investment, Stocks, Bonds, Jewelry, Job skill?

Again, the out of town guests tell Nancy, Wow, you know, we totally zoned out on the gift thing, sorry.

Steve realising what's happening if he doesn’t act fast know the wedding is turning this fiasco into a typical European Wedding, and put 30+ million friends (Canadian Taxpayers) in the poorhouse and deep in debt.

Thinking to avoid the impending Wedding Sticker Shock once the wedding bill arrives reminds the out of town guests on their promise of splitting the $40 billion dollar bill equally. The out of town guests state they are all from Nancy's side of the family and not to worry.

Steve clearly embarrassed, announces to the crowd that the trimming of the buffet, including the tasty dishes (Social programs) are now going to be a cash only and won’t be free.  Bread service (Multicultural and Diversity) will still be free to everyone.

No one is more upset than the wallet-less out of town guests suffering from Alan Harper disease, who scream the loudest, hysterically demanding that they were promised by Nancy a free meal.

Steve apologizes on behalf of Nancy (Former government) whose quest to get married may have got the best of her.  Steve explains succinctly that he is now head of the household (Prime Minister) and reminds the out of town guests their past, present and future promise of lavish gifts and money to help pay for this wedding certainly isn’t forthcoming now is it?

Out of Town guests are insulted and embarrassed by Steve stating the facts to everyone within earshot the out of town guests reneged on their promise to contribute to the wedding.  Friends (30+ million) realizing they are going to be stiffed once the bill arrives creates a rift between friends and the out of town guests.

In the ensuing melee there are some out of town guests who ballsy attitude complain they were invited and should still be accommodated, including being allowed to be at the front of the buffet line and eat for free, angrily chiming "We Demand Free Bread Service"!  Though many out of town guests offer to help clean up after (Immigrant Voting Bloc for Nancy's political party and of course, Free Bread Service) some write a third party post dated cheque ( Our future children will pay for us and vote NANCY).

Nancy and her party of friends agree, while Steve knows when a good scam is afoot, warns Nancy of the financial consequences to their friends.

The Bill

Fast forward, the final tally comes in, $40 billion dollars for a single wedding that year, split amongst friends (Canadian Taxpayers) many who dipped into their nest egg for their children’s future or relied on their banks line of credit to pay the bill.

Friends given time to reflect, realize they were burned by Nancy and her friends who promise of everyone the 400,000 out of town guests would pull their own weight and contribute equally was a load of crap, knowing full well once Nancy got married (Elected as in previous elections) all the wedding loot (perks, cash, generous benefits) is now off on her lavish all expense paid 4 year honeymoon (election term), while they paid $40 billion dollars, plus interest. This includes $40 billion dollars every year after that for generations to come, knowing those post dated third party cheques out of town guests wrote are not worth the paper they were written on, as most banks (past and current statistics on declining birth rate by Canadians and Immigrants alike) won’t honour cheques post dated that far into the unforeseeable future.

The Honeymoon

The fairytale honeymoon went ahead as planned, but the marriage over the years is strained as the 4 year anniversary approaches.  Friends and family alike still feel betrayed and are constant reminders of a wedding that went European when clearly more out of town guests (immigration) does not necessarily mean a better wedding or long term marriage, regardless what Wedding Event planners like Doug Saunders and Special Interests say, as Canadian Taxpayers finally found the bottom in what used to be a bottomless moneypit.

Steve, a recent divorcee, back on the market and now newly married to a like minded spouse explains what really happened to his first marriage.  After a disastrous minority marriage to Nancy and passing flirtation with Marcy, mistakes by Nancy impeded his decisions, his back was to the wall, constantly outvoted by too many friends of Nancy and Marcy.  It was Nancy who insisted if Steve wanted milk in his morning coffee, he had to marry the whole cow and all the previous baggage that came with it!

The year 2011 was a very good year

Steve's recent marriage took on not just a best man Flaherty, but a whackload of groomsmen and groomswomen to boot, he’s got "Walk the Talk"  Kenney, No Nonsense Baird, Rona and Raitt to name a few who has Steve's back and Toews running security, with McKay and the troops at the ready, not to mention media guy Peter Kent Brockman as backup in case any alien overlords come a calling to destroy our happy environment.

Steve vowed right from the beginning all attendees to this wedding know the score up front, including the costs and what’s on the menu. Best man Flaherty assures everyone nothing even remotely European will be featured at this wedding. Friends gladly pony up the dough first, and insist all  out of town guests with post dated cheques won’t be accepted.  When 30 Million friends get burned financially from the last wedding with Nancy, now insist all future Weddings are going to be cash only events.

Nancy, a fresh divorcee explains her intention to remarry to all her friends, the problem being she can't seem to find a suitable groom (Party Leader).  She gets engaged to a slew of potential beaus, there was Stephane, a french intellectual, but not swarthy enough she thought, then came along a quasi-American-Canadian suitor Michael, good looking, swarthy, snappy dresser but a little too much of a indecisive loose cannon with her friends.

Finally Michael's buddy Bob was the ray of sunshine she had hoped for, unfortunately Bob had a penchant of being a party boy, going from party to party.  Nancy certainly didn't need a good time Charlie.  Soon Friends soon tired of Nancy's indecision about find a groom and told her they won't be coming to any of her weddings, because like the last time, history seems to repeat itself with her and they can't afford the gifts, especially the Free Bread Service.

Marcy on the other hand (NDP and the Left) smelling an opportunity when Nancy's friends abandoned her, offer sympathies to her friends (Canadians), with claws bared for what seems to be a catfight between Nancy and Marcy.

Marcy's friends officially decided (2011 election day) that Marcy should be given a shot, at least an engagement party (official opposition status) until her future marriage plans are cast in stone.

Marcy promises that when it’s time for her to walk down the aisle, the future will different at her wedding reception buffet table, her plan is to get the reception hall and caterers (Corporations and Rich Fatcats) to foot the bill for the entire wedding.  Friends await the big day as Nancy needs time to figure out what’s on the menu (Political agenda) leaving it up to friends (Canadians and out of town guests) to decide for her.

Nancy on the other hand, with few friends, is alone with her cats, eating a gallon of Haagen Dazs watching the Price is Right, wondering when her European Prince will come.

Comments by Canadians past and present on Immigration in Canada
While many of us have no issue with immigrants who come work and live amongst us in Canada.  Many Canadians feel Immigrants fail to understand the primary goal in Canada wanting them here. 

The primary goal is to work, contribute, pay your own way in life, accept Canada as one culture of many and not expect a handout at every turn like many immigrants and Canadians alike seem to feel they are entitled to receive.

Come to Canada with drive, initiative and a strong work ethic displayed by our forefathers who immigrated to Canada before us.  Our forefathers who immigrated to Canada did very well fitting into this country without all this politically correct Multiculturalism and Diversity vote pandering mumbo jumbo many rely on to get through life. 

Immigrants need to understand  they are equal and no different than any of us.  Subscribe to that cultural philosophy when immigrating to our shores and you will do okay in any Canadian community. 

Canadians are outraged by immigrants who show disdain by protesting about about Canada's inaction of going to war, fighting and dying on their behalf. 

Canadians are tired of immigrants who complain constantly of conditions in their old country, a country they failed to make better, who refuse to fight and die for and wish Canadian taxpayers to pay for and fight in their wars. Immigrants fail to understand the Canadian government have official diplomatic channels to convey dissatisfaction to your old country. 

Immigrants who start a Canadian home based terrorist cell under the guise of a charity to raise money for arms or commit terrorist acts from the safety and "Out of Bullet Range" in Canada is another NO, NO!  Immigrants who feel so strongly about atrocities in their former country need to grab a flight and fight over there yourselves you cowardly bastards, rather than implicating Canada as a home base for their terrorist activities.  This is not what Canada is all about.

Many Canadians and governments alike were outraged when some immigrants try and force Canada to be more like their former countries in adhering to a certain mode of dress, laws, politics, language or religion. Canadian society and world societies find these types of immigrants do not culturally fit in anywhere, either here in Canada or around the western world.

Canada allows freedom of association, and every man, woman and child are equal and deserve safety and protection under Canadian law.  That means your children and wife has those rights, regardless of your cultural views that forbid them from integrating into Canadian society. 

Barring or threatening harm to your wife or children (Who clearly get what Canadian assimilation is all about) for talking and making friends at school or in public regardless of another racial status,religion, beliefs, culture, male or female, musical tastes, style of dress or sexual orientation. Your family get it, why can't you?

Remember you chose Canada to a better life to raise your family, so Canada must be doing something right or you would not come at breakneck speed by the millions to get here in the first place and leave your former country.  While we are far from perfect, it is our god given right to be imperfect, (Just look at the Toronto Maple Leafs). 

You have to know Canadians too get screwed over, so will you, just realize you are not being singled out when life hands you lemons by those in business, industry or politics who say one thing and do exactly the opposite.

Canadians and politicians alike are frustrated by immigrants who after decades living in Canada fail to assimilate, or get out of living in cultural ghettos, displaying a ghetto enclave mentality.

Of course many such as Tamils who wish to move to the front of the immigration line by hook or by crook seems par for the course for another group who seem to have immigration scams down pat.  This places hardship on legitimate immigrants who paid thousands of dollars and waited for years to come here.

It is not fair when Canadians are treated to news of immigration scams which are constantly in the media. No wonder Canadians and Immigrants are jaded.

Canadians wonder why immigrants who profess to love Canada continually refuse and learn one of Canada's two official languages. Richmond and Metro Vancouver are prime examples of immigrants failure and strong reluctance to assimilate into Canadian society.

If immigrants fail to participate, share and contribute to the home they now call Canada, or get to know their neighbours, then they should not complain about being treated differently by Canadians, they are.

Canadians see some of your cultural celebrations as a detriment to what Canada stands for when it displays icons of terrorists from your former homeland. 

Canadians want Immigrants to show this country patriotic loyalty (which has been sorely lacking with you and some Canadians) and not pay lip service only when it suits to serve your needs, as Canada is now your home.  Love it or leave it,  that is your choice.


Many Canadians feel their comments and concerns are valid, like it or not the majority of Canadians have spoken what they (not politicians) wish for in immigration.

Certainly if Canadians are to have a National voice in getting us as a Nation to the 22nd  century, Canadians all need to be in sync with Immigration and  that's a finger snapping tune we can all dance to.