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Herouxville Town Charter

Municipalité Hérouxville

Publication of Standards
The social development and territory security are some of the major objective goals of the democratically voted individuals in our MRC. Hérouxvillebeing part of the MRC, we share these same objectives.
To do this, we would like to invite, without discrimination, in the future, all people from outside our MRC that would like to move to this territory.

Without discrimination means to us, without regard to race or to the color of skin, mother tongue spoken, sexual orientation, religion, or any other form of beliefs.

So that the future residents can integrate socially more easily, we have decided unan-imously, to make public, certain standards already in place and very well anchored in the lives of our electors.
These standards come from our municipal laws being Federal or Provincial, and all voted democratically. They also come from the social life and habits & customs of all residents of our territory.

Our objective is to show that we support the wishes of our electors and this being shown clearly by the results of our poll regarding this issue. And our goal is to inform the new arrivals to our territory, how we live to help them make a clear decision to integrate into our area.

We would especially like to inform the new arrivals that the lifestyle that they left behind in their birth country cannot be brought here with them and they would have to adapt to their new social identity.

Published by The Mayor and 6 city counselors of Hérouxville, democratically elected.

Municipalité Hérouxville

The Standards
Our Women;
We consider that men and women are of the same value. Having said this, we consider that a woman can; drive a car, vote, sign checks, dance, decide for herself, speak her peace, dress as she sees fit respecting of course the democratic decency, walk alone in public places, study, have a job, have her own belongings and anything else that a man can do. These are our standards and our way of life.
However, we consider that killing women in public beatings, or burning them alive are not part of our standards of life.

Our Children;
Our children are required to attend public or private schools to insure their social development and to help integrate into our society. Any form of violence towards children is not accepted.

Our Festivities;
We listen to music, we drink alcoholic beverages in public or private places, we dance and at the end of every year we decorate a tree with balls and tinsel and some lights. This is normally called “Christmas Decorations” or also “Christmas Tree” letting us rejoice in the notion of our national heritage and not necessarily a religious holiday. These festivities are authorized in public, schools, and institutions and also in private.

Our Health Care
In our old folks homes men and women are treated by responsible men and women. Please note that there is no law voted democratically that prohibits a woman treating a man and a man treating a woman. In our hospitals and CLSC’s woman doctors can treat men and women and the same for the men doctors. This same principle applies for nurses, firemen and women, ambulance technicians. These responsible people do not have to ask permission to perform blood transfusions or any task needed to save a life. For the last few years men have been allowed into the delivery room to assist in the birth of their baby. They have been with their wives to prenatal courses to help them in this task. In the said establishments the patients are offered traditional meals. There is often music playing in the background. There are magazines or news papers available and any other form of multimedia that shows our community spirit and our way of life.

Our Education;
In our schools certified men and women teach our children. The women or men teachers can teach boys or girls with no sexual discrimination. They do not have to dress any different to accomplish their tasks. In our schools the children cannot carry any weapons real or fake, symbolic or not. The children can sing, play sports or play in groups. To promote decency and to avoid all discrimination some schools have adopted a dress code that they strongly enforce. For the last few years to draw away from religious influences or orientation no locale is made available for prayer or any other form of incantation. Moreover, in many of our schools no prayer is allowed. We teach more science and less religion. In our scholastic establishments, be private or public, generally, at the end of the year you will possibly see “Christmas Decorations” or “Christmas Trees” The children might also sing “Christmas Carols” if they want to. Many of our schools have cafeterias that serve traditional foods. Students may decide to eat elsewhere.

The history of Quebec is taught in our schools. Biology lessons are also given.

Our Sports & Leisure;
For the longest time boys and girls have played the same games and often play together. For example, if you came to my place we would send the kids to swim together in the pool, don’t be surprised this is normal for us.
You would see men and women skiing together on the same hill at the same time, don’t be surprised this is normal for us. You would also see men and women playing hockey together, don’t be surprised this is normal for us. In our public swimming pools we have men and women lifeguards for our security to protect us from drowning, don’t be surprised this is normal for us. All the laws adopted that permit these phenomenons have followed a strict democratic process. You would appreciate this new life style and share our habits & customs.

Our Security;
Our immense territory is patrolled by police men and women of the “Surete du Quebec”. They have always been allowed to question or to advise or lecture or to give out an infraction ticket to either a man or woman. You may not hide your face as to be able to identify you while you are in public. The only time you may mask or cover your face is during Halloween, this is a religious traditional custom at the end of October celebrating all Saints Day, where children dress up and go door to door begging for candy and treats. All of us accept to have our picture taken and printed on our driver’s permit, health care card and passports. A result of democracy.

Our Work Place;
The employers must respect the governmental laws regarding work conditions. These laws include holidays known and accepted in advance by all employees. These work conditions are negotiated democratically and once accepted both parties respect them.
No law or work condition imposes the employer to supply a place of prayer or the time during the working day for this activity. You will also see men and women working side by side. We wear safety helmets on worksites, when required by law.

Our Businesses; Our businesses are governed by municipal, provincial and federal laws. In our businesses men and women work together and serve the clientele whether they be man or woman. The products sold by these businesses can be of any kind. Food products for example must be approved by different governmental agencies before being offered to the general public. You might see in the same store several different types of meat, eg. Beef , chicken, pork and lamb.

Other Businesses offer their clientele a place and equipment to exercise. These places have windows that their clientele can look outside while exercising and are composed of men and women dressed in clothing appropriate for exercising.

Our Families
You will appreciate that both parents manage the children needs and both have the same authority. The parents can be of the same race or not, be from the same country or not, have the same religion or not, even be of the same sex or not.
If a boy or girl wants to get married, they may, they have the liberty to chose who their spouse will be. The democratic process is applied to ensure each and everyone’s liberty to choose. In our families, the boys and girls eat together at the same table and eat the same food. They can eat any type of meat, vegetables or fruit. They don’t eat just meat or just vegetables they can eat both at the same time and this throughout the whole year. If our children eat meat for example, they don’t need to know where it came from or who killed it.Our people eat to nourish the body not the soul.

You might still see crosses that tell our past. They are an integrated part of our history and patrimony and should be considered as such.

To publish all the laws and standards of Municipalité Hérouxville would be a tedious task. The standards published above are just a sample so the new arrivals to this territory can clearly identify with us before making their decision to move here.

Certainly, being the elected members, we would give the new arrivals the assurance that the conditions that they have fled from in their country would not happen again here in our territory.. Consequently, the peace of mind that we live with will always be. It must be very clear that any person or persons, groups legal or not that would like to modify our habits and customs or our general way of life cannot do so without going through a referendum process following all laws put forward by our towns and municipalities. These referendums will be at the petitioner or petitioner’s cost.

Signed jointly by the mayor and 6 city counselors of Hérouxville, all democratically elected.

Your comments are most certainly welcome, please refain from using profanity or racist comments. Again Thank you.

Peers or Jeers: Muslim women celebrated in new calendar.

Shazia Javed a local photographer will be featuring a calendar of local Canadian Muslim women of distinction. Muslim women will be showcased as intelligent, thinking human beings, both as educators and in the everyday workforce.

Ms. Javed's intent it seems is to dispel rumours about Muslim women, Muslim women many of us have witnessed as subservient females seen in Middle Eastern media footage. Some women, but not all, will wear head coverings.

This story today will centre on the societal effects of the Hijab, Canadian teen females, body image and fashion in society, marketers and peer pressure all young ladies face.

It is yet to be seen how this calendar will play out among younger pre and teen Canadian Muslim girls in Canada.

Without the head covering or Hijab, could any Canadian tell the difference between a Canadian Muslim woman or any non Muslim Canadian woman? It is highly doubtful anyone could.

Will a Canadian female Muslim teen look to this calendar as a role model to follow, which photo will she look upon favourably, the Hijab or the non Hijab photo?

If a Canadian Muslim teenager, without her families strict influence were to choose, without interference or discipline, which photo would a young Muslim teen identify with? If the public reaction to Burka Barbie is any indication, young ladies may go with the non Hijab photos in order to conform to Canadian society.

Teen girls, by and large are Daddy’s girls, the apple of a father’s eye, they can do no wrong. Yet when out as a group of female teens, for some reason the claws of conformity come out. Sometimes this extends to adulthood. There is a reason why girls are called “Catty”!

What chance would a young Canadian Muslim girl have wearing a Hijab, growing up, wanting acceptance, especially in a public high school setting?

Young ladies today, trying to fit in, regardless if they are Muslim, wear a Hijab or anything that singles them out as different can be the victim of jeers amongst their female peers, including boys, a mother and a father’s worst nightmare. It would be nice if those who throw cruel taunts at others could see the consequences of their actions through a parent's eyes.

Unless a young Muslim girl attends a Muslim school, much like the Catholic schools and school uniforms of old, they will be seen as different. Some in society forget that!

Little of us remember a time pre 1970s, head coverings were the norm for women, especially many women would don them when entering church on Sunday. My, how times have changed.

We all remember media stories and Canadian public outrage when it was reported that Canadian Sikh school boys wearing a dagger (Kirpan) for religious purposes was seen by some as a danger to their non dagger carrying children.

Yet for many Canadian and American baby boomers, Boy scouts included, carrying a pocket knife to school was a normal everyday occurrence, a rite of passage to manhood. Were mass murders committed? Hell No, maybe a few school yard foot injuries from knife throwing games, but rarely were knives used in anger.

1960’s Liberal policy changed all that, in their quest to protect society from anything sharp and pointy.

It is yet to be seen how this Muslim women calendar will play out, some men in particular some Muslim men on the extreme side may take exception to any women shown in photos, but if it takes a calendar to show Muslim women in Canada in a positive light, showcasing a woman can be anything they choose, then, perhaps it is a calendar whose time has come.

Time will tell if this calendar will be a big seller marketing wise amongst young Muslim teens who wish to fit in among their Canadian teenage peers.

Society and Abercrombie and Fitch style marketing and other Tween fashionista's have ensured of that.

As parents, not matter what we say or do, we may find all young ladies growing up will be reluctant to walk down the road less traveled, but if their independence into adulthood is what we wish for, then is it not a young lady's passage into adulthood to choose to conform or not?

No parent wants to see their pride and joy ostracized or hurt by the peers, as we try in vain to instill the values in our children, especially our daughters, beginning at a very young age that peer pressure, differences, intelligence and self worth begin at home and not the school yard, regardless of head coverings.

After all, if change is to begin, it's with us, them and future generations.

Obama war on terror: Will Islam ever stand up to Islamic extremists?

The United Nations (U.N) food aid program in Somalia has been suspended indefinitely due to concerns of food aid worker safety and increased demands for security payments to Islamic militants operating in lawless Somalia. This may result in the starvation of a million people caused by these Islamic militants.

Though there are different Islamic militants worldwide, they all seem to have a different agenda. One thing is clear, the agenda is not peace, but terror. Many Islamic terrorists feel they are freedom fighters for the people. Which people the terrorists are referring to is anyone's guess, certainly not innocent Muslim women, men and children gathering in the marketplace who all share the Islamic faith.

They seem to thrive on terrorizing innocent Muslim people who on a daily basis take their lives in their hands not knowing if they will get home alive, when all they are trying to do is to get groceries as they walk around with an imaginary bullseye on forehead.

Terror comes in many forms, from bombing innocent men, women and children, to placing countries on high alert and forcing society to profile for the public good or paranoia, it is all terror in some form or another.

Psychological terror also comes to countries such as Canada, far removed from the violence, bullets and suicide bombers. Though have had our share of so called Canadian terror cells and humanitarian agencies masking their true intent, as cultural groups who take to the streets in protest over the drop of a Hijab. All groups fall under suspicion whether they like it or not.

Terror does not always have to end in death, inconvenience can be a form of terror, as many subconsciously submit to hours standing in airport line ups or border crossings as armed guards question and second guess if your belongings contain explosives.

Terror profiling comes with questioning or detainment by authourities as agencies look to weed out terrorism and never assume innocent until proven guilty, it is a reversal brought on by suspected acts of terror.

Ottawa's Somali community have charged profiling of their young males who always seem to get picked out of the blue by our Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agency for questioning. This inflames the sensibilities of Somali's who feel they are being unfairly looked at as subversives or terrorist groups.

The recent story of Somali extremists in Canada being suspected of terrorist activities during the Obama Inauguration added fuel to the fire.

There is also the question that many non Somali Canadians who made a run for the border to attend Obama's Inauguration may not have undergone similar profiling or questioning.

Islam profess to be a kind and benevolent religion, with over a billion followers in almost every country around the globe. Islam also condemn these terrorist acts. Many question now, if you are a billion strong and such a tight knit community, why have Islamic groups not put a stop to the terrorism? Terrorism in which your own Muslim brethren are starved, imprisoned, terrorized or killed by these Islamic terrorist groups.

Saudi Arabia, an Islamic state has more money than GOD, certainly they along with other Muslims (a billion strong) who follow the Islamic faith could kick in a few bucks and a couple of million of God's soldiers to fight these Islamic terrorists and put a stop to all this?

Many feel that an immediate call to arms is in order, an easy accomplishment if you are truly horrified by these terrorist acts, especially against the West as you say! This, considering many make the West their home, so we must be doing something right? Notwithstanding the West sending our Western sons and daughters to fight and die on your behalf for your fellow oppressed Islamic citizens in order to help preserve your Muslim way of life in your own domain.

Remember and never forget, it was your followers of the Islamic faith carrying a $6.00 boxcutter who started the war on terrorism, and the responsibility lies with Islam to end this terrorism.

Failure to end it on your part gives you no right to protest, postulate,condemn or rant against us when all we are doing is protecting our right and your fellow Muslims right to live peacefully in each of our respective countries. Canada, a country your fellow Muslims the world over continue to fight tooth and nail to make their home.

Canada Citizenship: Rule of Law

Let’s face it, western countries have rules of law, whether in the home or society, without rules there would be chaos. Some rules seem just, some unfair, majority rules, our rights and freedoms and laws are what makes Canada one of the greatest democracies in the world.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Minister Jason Kenney has modified a new set of rules for newcomers to Canada to follow in the Discover Canada
The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship in a special section on "The Equality of Women and Men." The news breaking story is featured in the Ottawa Sun, titled barbaric rituals, a no-no feds warn. The new rules were put in place as it seemed that barbaric rituals such as honour killings, genital mutilations and other horrific acts against persons and young women in particular, though rare, were starting to become media headlines, suggesting this was becoming too commonplace in Canada. Canada decided (it seems) to reiterate the what most of us know is common sense and unacceptable in a civilized society and not to be tolerated. Strangely enough, these new set of rules seem to mirror, in part, a rule of norms established three years ago by the citizens of Herouxville, Quebec.

Herouxville, Quebec, a small rural farming village of 1,300 people had passed a town charter in 2007 with a rule of norms titled Our way of life in Quebec, of which one section states barbaric rituals against humanity will not be tolerated in Herouxville. Rules, which the Herouxville citizens led by town councilor Andre Drouin, needed to include in their town charter so newcomers would know in advance what is expected of them before making a decision whether to live and work in Herouxville. Needless to say once this rule of norms was made public, Herouxville soon found itself suffering the slings and arrows of ridicule, being the butt of jokes with accusations of racism from the media, the public and politicians alike.

Herouxville town councilor Andre Drouin soon found him giving media interviews and defending their town’s charter to the world. Surprisingly, the world listened, and the response was mind boggling. Worldwide responses from both Canadians and the world for the most part was positive, squelching the race baiting voices of Canadian media and politicians who previous screamed to the rafters that Herouxville attitudes have no place in world affairs, yet alone trying to make a difference.

The end result culminated into a provincial election issue with Quebec Premier Jean Charest setting up the provincial Taylor Bouchard commission on reasonable accommodation for newcomers to Canada.

This firestorm of controversy continued when Andre Drouin suggested that the federal government’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada would do well to include a similar rule of norms in Canadian Consulates the world over so newcomers would be informed in advance what Canada is all about before deciding if Canada is to their liking.

In ending: Too many newcomers it seems get their ideals of the West from television series such as old 1980s-1990 reruns such as Dynasty, Dallas and Baywatch are still shown and quite popular in their countries. Though these are American shows and really, really cheesy ones at that. It seems some citizens in these countries know the difference, western society is all much the same to some. But then did we all believe Borat? Apparently some did!

One has to wonder, is this what we wish to convey what our society is like to the world? Let’s face it, one only has to pick up a paper or watch reality TV today to see why most newcomers have an unrealistic view of the west.

So now in 2009, we come full circle, it seems the federal government department Citizenship and Immigration Canada has had a rethink and decided that perhaps outlining what Canada is all about is a good thing.

To quote Margaret Mead a noted anthropologist once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has”.

Agree or not, love or hate Herouxville ideals, someone, somewhere owes Herouxville an apology.

“Lest we forget" this past Remembrance Day, the very few who have offered to die for us, are Jesus Christ and our Soldiers, one died for our souls, the other for our freedom.

Ann Coulter's O Canada

Ann Coulter, a smoking hot, legs to eternity U.S. right wingist, lawyer, conservative entertainer and political dancist is making headlines this week in the Canadian and US media.

Ann Coulter, always a treat to those who follow her antics, seems to enjoy taking her well manicured fingernail in picking at the scabs of liberal hypocrisy.

One example of liberal hypocrisy seems to stem from Ottawa University's Provost Francois Houle letter apprising Ann Coulter in advance of her arrival to the great white north, warning Ann to tone it down a notch so as not to contravene Canada's hate laws.

Ann took this letter to heart and filed a human rights complaint, outlying that her rights to free speech were being violated. After all, Ottawa University routinely brings in speakers who speak in similar tomes against Israel, western conservative values, except Muslim ultra strict conservative values, or anything remotely right of centre.

The difference being, free speech is only free if those ideals are shared by the student body whose ideology is taught and ingrained by University academics who misdirected goal in life is to mold tomorrows young minds with their own personal political ideology. Decades ago this used to be called cult brainwashing, but in universities it seems to be an accepted norm, as long as it is in an educational setting.

A mass protest at the University of Zero certainly did not wane Ann's attempt to dispense her unique spin of "How she would rule the world, even if for one day" to the media and to her followers, as Parliament Hill was on her bucket list.

Ms. Coulter certainly has a lot to say in her O Canada, refuting free speech, a mainstay of Canada and universities, especially Ottawa University or in her words a bush league University of Zero.

Ann Coulter certainly gets paid handsomely as speaker, up to $10,000 a pop, by those attendees who faithfully gather to hear her speak her mind on various diverse topics ranging from liberal governments, religion,environment, politicians, middle east, social programs, multiculturalism and anything that comes to her mind at the moment.

Vancouver's average Joe or Jane six pack also speak publicly on similar topics, though are not paid as handsomely, nor amass a similar national following and if so, most likely would be regaled to the local street corner protests on Hastings street or the Vancouver public library square, masked, with protest signs in hand.

So what is the difference between the two? Entertainment, Marketing and a ready and willing liberal and conservative audience waiting to either protest or attend her functions, either way Ann has cornered the market on controversy, with media outlets eagerly looking to fill a slow news day and protesters looking for the next excuse to take to the streets.

In the end, security concerns for Ann's safety resulted in her speech being canceled, though it is said she still collected her speakers fee, said to amount to 10K.

Calgary, Alberta is her next whistle stop and believed to be more receptive to hear Ann's wisps of wisdom. To be sure, Ontario, in particular the University of Zero will be one topic Ann will discuss at length, with thundering applause by Albertan's who since the Trudeau implemented National Energy Program of the 1960's are tired of Easterner's suckling at the Western Financial Teat.

With Ann's anti Canadian stance it is not known if Ann accepts her fee in Canadian or U.S. funds, but the saying when "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks".

Love Ann or hate her, one thing for sure is Ann wins regardless.

Sherif Emil: Tolerating the intolerant

Sherif Emil, a Montreal physician and freelance writer knows firsthand about Canada's futile attempts in trying to accommodate the unreasonable when it comes other cultures who demand Canadians be tolerant of their customs and views.

The biggest issue facing Canadians is the issue of the niqab, which is gaining infamy in western countries who are implementing laws to ban it.

Canada on the other hand is not banning it, but requesting those who don it, must remove it when requesting government services or banking.

While many Canadians see the niqab as an affront against women, many women of Muslim faith feel it is their choice, not Canadians.

Then there is the issue of Canada's Multiculturalism and Diversity used by groups for their own agenda and a sore point for many, Canadians, who feel it is not being used as it is intended. Many Canadians feel it is being misused by cultural groups and human rights tribunals as loopholes and catch-22s in achieving their goals which may be contrary to Canada's law or social mores.

Everything from special meals demanded for those of a culture who are incarcerated for crimes committed in Canada, to showing ones face on a drivers licence to arranged marriages all go against the grain of Canada's sensibilities. This also includes wanting to govern people of their own culture an religion accordingly, without Canadian laws interfering with their decision, Sharia law is one example which raises the cackles of many Canadians.

It seems while some cultures enjoy the benefits of Canada, like freedom and democracy, there are cultures who do not desire to put Canada first when it comes to loyalty or adhering to our laws.

Cultural groups whose organizations are banned in Canada as fronts for terrorist organizations has many of these organizations up in arms, as they feel since their organization is not a threat to Canada, Canada should stay out of it.

The problem being setting up terror cells to organize to terrorize another country far, far away and in relative safety and out of gun shot range in Canada is not something Canada wishes to be known for in Western Society.

Many cultures to this day, disregard our laws in this and continue to operate trumping their own cultural laws over ours.

On the other hand certain cultures abhor women's rights, abortion, gay lifestyles, freedom of expression or Canada's laws or lifestyle choices, ye tll choose to immigrate to Canada knowing full well of our society, yet wish to change it to their liking either through legislation or protest.

Cultures, which express through the human rights tribunal, the media, or in protest and demand Canada and all Canadians must accommodate their whims or religious ideology, for Canada's Multicultural and Diversity ideals state we must.

What is good for the goose, does not seem good for the gander when it comes to religious tolerance or ideologies of other cultures here and abroad.

The issue of some cultures have towards other cultures indifference showing a hypocrisy if brought to their attention, can and has resulted in these same cultures to bring charges of intolerance, extending to hate crimes or discrimination to those who point out such hypocrisies.

The issue of Islam and the Judeo christian theology in Canada and the world over shows Islamic Muslims are not tolerant of any other religion but their own.

Muslims are traditionally Conservative in their beliefs, with Islamic Muslims Ultra Conservative, yet both Conservatives ally with Liberals, who by all rights and sensibilities should be adversaries at every turn. But, the liberals invented the ideals of multiculturalism and diversity, though these conservative Muslims abhor these ideals, they are free to pick and choose what suits their goals for the interim.

This alliance between the two strange bedfellows seems to be more of a convenience for the conservative to use liberal doctrine to their goals, and the liberals to further their political agenda, knowing full well if these liberals tried to force their ideologies in another country such as Saudi Arabia, Iran or other Islamic country, they would never be heard from again.

Yet Canada allows Muslims the right to prayer, mosques, dress and special compensations not accorded other religions or cultures in their own country before making Canada their home. Though they still adhere to their old country values and not Canada's dream, that all are equal under the eyes of god and Canada.

So it should be a given that once a Islamic Muslim majority in their own Muslim country, and now a minority in Canada, it certainly shows Muslims understand discrimination, as they practiced it so thoroughly back home, yet now when the shoe is on other foot, they certainly are quick to use it in Canada in reasonable accommodation.

Dr. Sherif Emil's first hand account of growing up Christian in a country where the government is a Muslim majority certainly deserves a read on past and current events not regularly featured in the Western media.

Islamic ruled countries whose rule of law forbids any custom, belief or culture which transgresses Islamic law, has serious penalties ranging from a lashing to a beheading. Something not practiced in Canada, Muslims know this, yet feel it is justified because some scribe took artistic licence when writing the Koran a little over thousand years ago in the dark ages.

Yet if the Koran or Bible were authoured today, it would be treated as fiction, or banned and the scribe imprisoned for hate crimes. Mein Kampf would be treated much the same.

A little over 3 years ago, Andre Drouin, from a small town in Quebec called Herouxville raised a firestorm of worldwide contraversy.

The citizens of Herouxville, represented by Andre Drouin saw Canada's Multiculturalism and Diversity with reasonable accommodation for cultures the world over as unreasonable, by those who clearly wished to impose their belief and customs and modify or eliminate Canadian cultural beliefs.

As soon as Mr. Drouin made it public and voiced his towns concerns, the slings and arrows of protest began from cultural groups and politicians who sought to ridicule the tiny hamlet of Herouxville.

Today, the ridicule is now centred at those politicians and cultural groups who clearly took advantage of Canada's reasonable accommodation, hence the political changes in Canada amongst Canadians who overwhelming response demanded change.

If there is a good book, espoused to kindness to all man, I have yet to read it or know of it's existence, if these so called good books state " peace be upon you or love your fellow man", but in the same breath states "an eye for an eye and kill all infidels who are not of ye faith" to those who do not follow the good books doctrine to the letter leaves many to wonder if their "imaginary friends" should be left in the fiction section, instead of Gospel?

Sherif Emil and Andre Drouin, both Canadians, share a similar outlook and distaste on intolerance.

Yet one is not branded a racist, most likely as Multiculturalism and Diversity dictates the colour of one's skin as a validation of their sincerity.

How hypocritical.

Hérouxville spreads to rest of Canada

Herouxville, a small Quebec village, just north east of Montreal was virtually unknown to many Canadians and the world a scant three years ago.

Herouxville with a population of 1,200 people is not unlike many of the small quaint farming communities which dot the Canadian landscape.

The landscape and culture which Herouxville hold dear was interrupted when Herouxville became worldwide news in 2007, when the townspeople watching the world around them change, and not for the better, decided they wish to maintain their own little piece of god's green earth.

The townspeople spoke and the town's councilor Andre Drouin listened, a rarity amongst most politicians. Herouxville decided to implement a code of conduct in their town charter.

Now as town charter's, bylaws, rule of norms go, every town, city and society have them, these charters are implemented by the people for the people for their elected representatives to draft and put into law.

Granted some bylaws and charters may go against the grain of other citizens outside Herouxville town boundaries, but the town charter must be respected.

Tofino, British Columbia, West Vancouver to name a few drafted a bylaw forbidding large commercial coffee and food chains from entering their towns, much to the dismay of the coffee culture seen everyday in downtown Vancouver, where one would be hard pressed not to see a pedestrian walking around with an ever present cardboard Starbucks cup in hand or a McDonald's bag.

Big box store protests, building height restrictions, a thorn with many Vancouver's citizen is another, by those who do not wish to change their landscape or block their sea or mountain views, thus changing their neighbourhood charm.

Not to mention those who want no part of replicating US cities and their thirst for culture of consumerism.

Herouxville wishes the same in some respects, though culturally speaking were adamant at keeping cultures whose practices and norms were not in keeping with the town's values.

Once Herouxville made it known that cultures whose past, present and future barbaric practices such as honour killings, niqabs, sharia law, kirpans or it's harsh treatment of fellow human beings, such as stoning women, or religious mantras which claim religions not in keeping with theirs are to be considered infidels are not welcome in their community.

Now Canadians abhor violence against women, children and men, we are a generous nation when it comes to immigrants. It is a given, cultural or religious inspired violence against people in Canada is rare and seldom practiced, with laws in this country to mete out harsh punishments for such actions. So why implement a Town Charter forbidding such acts, if our laws already state it is illegal and not in keeping with Canada's culture?

Well if truth be known, contrary to our laws, it goes on with some cultural groups in other parts of the world and yes, even in Canada.

Notwithstanding, worldwide media, public and politicians jumped on the Herouxville story once town councilor Andre Drouin let the townspeople's wishes be known to the world.

Accusations of racism, bumpkins, Not in my Canada and other diatribes soon found Herouxville front and centre in the world news.

Canadian Politicians postulated, Commissions, commissioned reports on Reasonable Accommodation, armchair pundits, punditted, national polls, polled, immigration groups screamed from the rooftops and religious and cultural groups theorized what this meant for them, while some Canadians ranted pro and con on the Trudeau inspired Multiculturalism and Diversity, the Canadian charter of rights etc.

It seems everyone had something to say, with the majority not listening to Herouxville's side, leading many Canadian's to take media reports, rumour and innuendo at face value, such as this story featured in the Montreal Gazette, which seemed to only make the Montreal Gazette and no other Canadian media. Funny how media work, when it comes to bias.

Many accuse Herouxville of painting all people of certain cultures and religious ideologies with the same brush, much like racial or cultural profiling. Herouxville has never made such a claim, repeating all are welcome in Herouxville, but media rarely report this, preferring to let Herouxville stand as the Rednecks of Canada.

Even though many reviled Herouxville, the response by most Canadians and other countries around the world embraced Herouxvilles ideology, with some countries implementing it and other countries wishing they had in the first place as it may be too late for them.

Events in Canada and some countries like Denmark have experienced first hand cultures or religious ideologies who take matters in their own hands rather than let the law of the land which these cultures made their home take precedence.

One incident comes to mind, when Surrey Mayor Diane Watts received threats of bodily harm when she found out to her dismay that a cultural festival had terrorist elements featured in a event and let it be known she wished this to cease in her town. When events like this make the headlines and other events in the world, can one blame Herouxville for not wanting this and other like events in their town?

Granted, the likelyhood of this happening in Herouxville is small, but then how many other towns, cities the world over thought the same thing, only for these events to take place in their town. Certainly a reason for pause.

The issue of painting a town, it's people or culture with the same brush is not just directed at Herouxville. Liberal politician Hedy Fry representing Vancouver centre made international news, when she was the Liberal Federal Minister of State for Multiculturalism in 2001, when her chicken little screams of racism and mass cross burnings in Prince George came to the utter surprise of everyone in Prince George, BC who wondering what the hell she was talking about?

Ms. Fry's outburst in the House of Common also surprised members of parliament from Prince George.

It seems Hedy Fry, a doctor by previous profession, apparently intelligent was sadly misinformed and did not get all the facts before her knee jerk reaction, thus painting the citizens of Prince George with one brush as a Stars and Bars state of white hooded sheet wearing KKK members.

Ms. Fry, later apologised, eating crow, but the damage was done, much like the misinformed who feel the same way about Herouxville.

So perhaps Canadians should get all the facts first before firing the slings and arrows of racism at a small community when Canadian polls shows across the board that perhaps Herouxville is onto something.

In 2009 the Canadian federal government implemented a code of conduct for new immigrants to Canada, inspired by Herouxville, but demanded by the majority of Canadians.

Currently the issue of banning the burka or niqab is being considered in Canada and Quebec may be the first province to take a stand, other provinces will surely follow once politicians take a look and see attitude how it works out in Quebec.

The issue of the mandarin language in some Vancouver schools has many in Vancouver up in arms.

Vancouver school board trustees are considering the Mandarin language to be introduced in the school curriculum. Now with Canada's two official languages being English and French, this leaves some to wonder with school budget cuts already underway in other programs, why not put french language classes instead?

Schools in the lower mainland have long waiting lists around the block of eager parents looking to enroll their children into french language classes. So does it make any sense for taxpayers to foot the bill for a class too few may take considering there is more of a demand for French and English classes.

It makes one wonder who is being favoured or coerced into providing Mandarin language classes, political or financial?

One can be certain, this may be just one example where perhaps cultures contrary to Canada's two official languages are not being met, and certainly if this were tried in any other province it would not fly, especially in La Belle Province.

As for Andre Drouin, perhaps revenge is a dish served cold, as his validation of speaking for Canada for all Canadians seems to be coming to fruition with the majority of us, as Provinces wait and see first before being proactive.

Quebec always the bride, with the other provinces as the eternal bridesmaids.