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Herouxville Lifestyle

Herouxville Photographer and Naturalist François Gervais shot this beautiful pastural vista titled 'Rang des Pointes' near his mother's home in the summer of 2003.

The citizens in the Town of Herouxville, Quebec for over a century have enjoyed a quality of life in peaceful beautiful rural pastural settings, with clean crisp air, country roads, farmers markets, country stores, community events, music, dances, festivals and celebrations, complete with old homesteads and ranches, rolling hills,bowhunting and fly fisherman's paradise with unspoiled crystal clear lakes and streams, reminiscent of memorable times past in what some describe as a Andy Griffith Mayberry County style existence, a naturalist’s and artist’s dream. Hokey as it may sound, it is true in most respects of most rural Canadian and American small towns everywhere, a safe and peaceful community with minimal crime, hard working, church going people, who are quick to smile and laugh as well as help one in need. As a Town we are a close knit neighbourly community who cherish our longstanding values, morals and traditions which have maintained us in a way of life envied by many crime ridden, traffic congested cities where most citizens live side by side with others for years and yet never congregate, support or get to know their neighbours and get involved in their communities.

Granted our Town Charter drafted with the assistance of our townsfolk has been portrayed by some as racist. The Citizens of Herouxville are extremely upset by this comment as it is contrary to our Christian values and would like to emphatically state nothing could be further from the truth. As Quebecois Canadians we are only stating to the world informing them of our way of life is vitally important to us, much like the way of life amongst other cultures is important to them. For us to change our ways and tradition to accommodate others who wish to live here is like asking our country’s respected founding First Nation’s Culture to incorporate Dutch traditions and wear wooden shoes and erect Windmills in their community. Our requests we feel are quite reasonable for anyone who wishes to live amongst us and no more unreasonable than if we were to live in another country and insist a Catholic Church, Saint Jean Baptiste, Wine Harvest celebrations are to be included in their customs and beliefs. A wise Huron elder once stated; A starving Family does not complain about the bounty of the hunt if they chose not to contribute to the hunt. Wise words spoken by our First Nations about community and an analogy similar to our beliefs.

Gays are human beings,they have the right to love each other in peace and not judged by the public. We are much better off with that situation than with countries at war. A police woman in Montreal that can't arrest a man because of his religion, or young girls that can't swim in the same pool where young boys are, or a woman doctor that can't touch a male patient because of his religion, or women that can no longer take their men to pre-natal course because some religious groups stop them, all these so called exceptions are direct infringements to our Canadian basic principles of men being equal to women. I am proud that our Canada Prime Minister travels to China to invite them to have more respect towards Human Rights. Our Prime Minister should also travel across Canada to promote the same vision.

Herouxville would like to reiterate that all are welcome to live here, just know who we are, assimilate, respect and not change our way of life, traditions and values and live amongst us as a welcomed and valued member of our community. If we were in your country we would strive to do the same. In ending we offer a wonderful rural way of life to all those who live here. So when in Rome……

Our Warmest Greetings
Barry O'Regan,(Moderator)with the permission on behalf of the Town of Herouxville, Quebec, Canada, Your comments are most certainly welcome, please refain from using profanity or racist comments. Again Thank you.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Herouxville's Open Letter to Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec

Mr. Jean Charest (Premer of Quebec)

I am Andre Drouin, town councilor for Herouxville. The electorates democratically elected me to represent them. They have also elected me in charge of project "Herouxville".

This project started with our long term (10yr.) development planning for our municipality and our forecast for what was needed to do so. One piece of information that stood out was the . After studying this situation we’ve decided that the cause is that the new immigrants don’t know our habits and customs before choosing Canada for their new home.

After summarizing who we are in a document of three (3) pages, we sent this document along to five (5) of your ministers and to two (2) Federal ministers requesting that it be incorporated into the information process for future immigrants to Canada. Being in charge of this project for the Herouxville electorates and knowing the modern methods of communications, this request should have taken five (5) seconds to execute. More than Thirty (30) days have passed and I have only received message received confirmations. Coming from a remote village, I now realize that this problem is global (worldwide). I find it worrisome that we refuse a people the right to describe and affirm just who they are here in Quebec, Canada, and anywhere else in the world. In ten (10) days, and only in Quebec, 6 of these requests (reasonable accommodations) have been accepted, which I find more and more absurd.

Generally people talk and criticize about the problems facing them. Being in charge of this project, I’ve clearly described the problem, and have proposed a potential solution.

"Proposed Solution" which you can find along with this document.
I hope that you don’t slow this project down by deviating from the principal subject, as I must remind you that my electorates and 85% of the citizens of Quebec await your answer. To know the difference between an isolated case and a global situation seems very important to me and must I remind you, the people of Herouxville await my answer, and I will get my answer. I leave you in charge of this project, project "Herouxville". We believe that with your success you will make Herouxville the cradle of the Democratic Renascence.

Thank-you for your collaboration.
Andre Drouin

N.B If you were to find that you are not responsible for the actions needed to settle this, please forward it to the person that will, and inform those who await an answer.

Actual Situation
People decide to move to another country.
The people of the country of choice welcome them.
The new comers ask that we adapt to them.
Totally absurd situation where the founding population auto-destruct.
Destruction of the patrimony of welcoming country.
Creation of social tensions. (We have not seen anything yet….)
Forming of ghettos. (We have not seen anything yet….)
Unbearable conditions for all.
Division urban centers / regions.
Country unstable and weak.

Why the accommodations
A) The immigrants do not know our customs before leaving their country.
Probability = 100%

B) The integrating immigrants want to provoke us.
Probability = Unknown (to be analyzed)
To be analyzed when = Now

Note: 1) Global phenomenon. Why?
2) Come mostly from 4 groups. Why?

In Quebec 85% do not agree to this and it continues. Why?
Globally. Why?

Desired Situation
People decide to move to another country.
Other people welcome them in their country.
The new arrivals adapt to the host country.

N.B If necessary the new arrivals can ask of their God to accommodate them in their new country and its habits and customs that they may adapt to the new host country.

Certain equality of women and men.
Social peace assured.
A united nation.

Another important advantage
The new arrivals that left the deplorable conditions in their birth country
can be assured that it will not happen here.

In Quebec 85% of the people want this. Why not?
Globally. Why not?

General Frame

A) God (having many names )
Eternal, Invisible, In us, Compassionate, Accommodating,
Loves us unconditionally, Created us free.
B) Free
Free to believe
Free not to believe

C) Free to live in any country
Languages, Ethnic groups, Religion, Sexual Orientation,
Dictatorships, Democracy, Theocracy

D) Unknown exists
N.B For certain believers, your God could impose certain conditions to show Him that you believe in Him

It is to the one that imposes on you that you should ask for an accomodation.

An example
In the early fifties the paper mills in province of Quebec decided to operate seven days a week. For us Catholics, Sunday church service was of utmost importance. (You don’t go and you go to hell type of). The church has accommodated its believers by saying “choose another day or make a special prayer”.

Note that it never crossed our mind that we should ask the paper mill to build a church inside the production plant.

Proposed Solution
Objectives: Insure the conservation of the culture of our nation.
Democratic realignment to insure its survival.

Actions: Declare state of emergency.

Application: Immediate.

Elements: Annul the possibility of obtaining accommodations. (Religious)
Retroactively annul any already obtained.
Advise Immigration Canada & Quebec to comply.
Advise Heritage Canada that Heritage Quebec also exists.

Goal: 1) Advise that the democratically elected take control.
2) Admit that these people have forgotten to accomplish their duty.

Potential reactions:
What moron thought of this?
Is it the moron from Herouxville?
The charter prevents us from……….
Where is the democracy?

Answer: If one day a Prime Minister of a country could decree a war measures act against a province, the Prime Minister of the said province could declare a state of emergency to protect the culture of people that elected him and show that democracy still works. If some existing laws stop you from doing this, annul these laws.
Eighty Five Percent (85%) of the population are asking you.

Results: Women, all women, in Quebec will be equal to men.
Satisfied population.
Social peace maintained.
Our children could eat pork at school in the future.
Our municipal councils could work at night.
Hardhats could be worn when needed.
We could wish Merry Christmas.
We could conserve the crucifix in our National Assembly.
We could swear and our God will forgive us.
You could stay in power for another 20 years.

Suggestions to establish the standards

See document by Mrs. Monique Gagnon Tremblay “Au Quebec pour bâtir ensemble »
Political statement dealing with immigration and integration. (1991)

Note: This document should have been applied 16 years ago.
Reduce the charter of rights to a one page document. The nation will acknowledge.
Establish a charter of duties of maximum 1 page. People will read and know it.
Manage or balance RIGHTS & DUTIES
The more you have duties, the more you can accomplish.
The more you have rights, the accomplishments are limited.
Execution time: About 4 days

Other messages
To the leaders: Act now and often.
Listen to the people that elected you.
Learn to go from promise to plan of action.
Be leaders and visionaries.
Support your people.

Statistic: It is better to make small errors than not act at all.

Note: In the case of Herouxville, did you represent 85% of the people?
If the answer is no, what should you have done.

To the people: Vote for the town councilors that act fast and often.
Vote for the mayors that act fast and often.
Vote for the administrators that act fast and often.
Vote for the members of parliament that act fast and often.
Vote for the prime ministers that act fast and often.
Ask your elected.
Evaluate the actions.
Become visionaries.
Support your elected.

Statistic: How many of your requests are executed?

Note: In the present situation (Herouxville) did your elected represent you?
If the answer is no, what should you do?

Herouxville, thank-you to all that supported this project.
Martin Perigny; Mayor of Herouxville (part-time)
The citizens of Herouxville (1338 pop. full-time)
Alice Dionne, Ginette Pothier, Yves Gervais, Edgar Gervais & Daniel Magny, town councilors (part-time)
Denise Cossette, General Director
Nicole Jubinville, Secretary
Bernard Thompson & Alain Fournier, Web site & global communications
Luce Rivard, secretary, press attaché, cook, European, Australian, Asian & African correspondent.

Brian Lundrigan , English translation.

Message from Andre Drouin Project Leader
If we want the politicians to roll up their sleeves, we as electors have to pull up our sleeves. Democracy can’t work if we don’t take interest. It is fragile and we should not lose it. The results from this project clearly show that an elected member that supports his people is always a winner.

Leaders should identify an isolated problem and act on it immediately before it becomes global.

Message from Martin Perigny (Mayor)
I have become the most popular politician. Why? Simply because I’ve accomplished my duty to support my electorates! Quite Rare in this day and age to a surprised Political World!

Your comments are most certainly welcome, please refain from using profanity or racist comments. Again We Thank you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reasons in Part why Herouxville decided to ACT Now to preserve our Town, Lifestyle and Beliefs.

Dear Visitors to our Town Charter weblog. The face on the woman in the Photo speaks volumes about the loving doctrines of Islam.

What started Herouxville drafting a Herouxville Town Charter this year,began in part due to a number of issues reported in the media this year (2006-2007) affecting all Canadians, below is just a small brief summary of the Canadian media reported FACTS;

FACT # 1
Ms. Manji an outspoken and practising Canadian Muslim woman and authour in the media has received numerous death threats from Islamist organisations and or members of the Muslim community. Herouxville citizens were dismayed that in this day and age a Canadian who speaks her mind frankly would be targeted by a so called benevolent religion of Islam.

FACT # 2
Quebec Bureaucrats felt a similar threat from Imams and the Muslim community over Veils not being removed during voting at the polls, Herouxville stated in the media, to install female polling members at voting stations would resolve all this, but of course that story never made the light of day in the media.

FACT # 3
Canadian Politicians were actually serious in considering allowing Shari Law in the Canadian Courts to accommodate Muslim Men, anyone who knows about Sharia Law, knows it's brutality.

FACT # 4
Accommodation for certain religious cultural issues in the media reported that Female Police officers, Female Prison Guards and female Military personnel must use discretion when dealing with men of certain religious cultures who do not wish females in authority to question them, touch them, arrest them as it is demeaning to their religious belief, and to "Please call a man to do this"!

Herouxville citizens as well as Canadians were outraged by this, and feel any person male or female who risk themselves and put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life and country must submit to such disrespect and degradation in not allowing to fulfill their sworn duties as policewomen, soldiers and other enforcement personnel is a travesty to all of us in Canada. Herouxville felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages.

FACT # 5
Cultural and Honour Killings of women in Vancouver, and Toronto a few times a year featured in the media. Well being a small town where everybody knows one another, a meeting was held as Herouxville felt if this a vision of things to come, when the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms state all are equal in the eyes of god, well Herouxville watched that little piece of paper go right into the toilet as Politicans were considering Sharia Law which state not all are equal in the eyes of God, because religious beliefs insist on special treatment and accommodation of Muslim men.
Again, Herouxville felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages.

A Female teacher who disciplines a Muslim boy must respect his belief women are inferior to men, because of his culture. Once again,Herouxville citizens felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages. Herouxville are not against any religious faith per say. as long as it does not degrade or prevent others from living in peace and prosperity. But the Islamic faith not allowing children, boys and girls to socialize, swim together, interact as human beings. By prohibiting this boys will think they are special, and later superior and grow up to treat all Canadian women as subservient and as second class citizens. What else are Herouxville citizens to think? If Muslim boys and Men do not believe women are equally as smart, with the only role model they will ever be exposed to is a Islamic forced belief that subservient mother and sisters are a way of life. This is contrary to Canadians morals and way of life in Herouxville and every Civilized Western Society.

Intelligent Muslim women, knowing the culture they live in certainly see the
oppression as well as the beauty of Canadian life, but sadly the oppression is starting to rear its ugly head in Canada and Western Society as a whole.
Routine Canadian cultural killings and treating any women as chattel, and who are our beloved grandmothers, wives, sisters, aunts, teachers and lovers must stop immediately.

Canadian Television Journalist and Personality “Michael Coren” held a panel discussion with religious leaders and religious authourities. A Canadian (Toronto) Islamic stated that all Canadians should embrace Islam and then stated “Sharia Law” should be in Canadian Law, along with the televised statement in which he replied it was okay to behead a woman for marital indiscretions (if the man had 4 male witnesses to attest to it). Herouxville citizens realize it does not take Rocket Scientist to figure out that how many of his Muslim friends would side with him in his quest for a speedy divorce and instant bachelorhood/Widowhood (In their goal to behead this mans wife) and then this Islamic Imam states again his wish that all Canadians embrace and convert to Islam. This Imam actually says this to Canadians on Television! Herouxville citizens horrified, decided to speak up, since no one else (Ethnic vote grabbing politicians) was at the time and say "NOT IN OUR TOWN", enough is enough for accommodation for cultural groups. Last time Herouxville checked this was still Canada. Our policy is all are welcome regardless of culture with the caveat; Adapt or don't move to Herouxville, Quebec, Canada. If Herouxville does not to speak up, who will? Who would be next on this Islamic hit list? Gays, Nay sayers to Islam, Non-Muslims?

Issue #8
Islam refuses to evolve with modern society.
The majority of religions that were developed and suited everyone in the Dark Ages have to evolve with modern times, we feel Islam, and other similar religions should as well. Of course our society is not perfect, but you know, Western Society as a whole are living in relative peace and prosperity, yet virtually every single Muslim country is in turmoil, turmoil caused by religious strife, even against each other.
How can Islamists state their way of life is peaceful? This is no way to live!
Muslims need to evolve, otherwise Canada is next as this problem is currently happening in Europe, so the time to stop it is now!

There is enough violence against women in society (Serial Killer Pickton Trial) across Canada caused by Canadians without having this Islamic belief in the forefront. Gays would certainly be next in this accommodation, as would be anyone else who is contrary to their beliefs. Who knows where it will end?

In ending who stood up to the inaction of Politicians and Bureaucrats? No one except Herouxville, and upon learning many other accommodations in the works to appease Islamic Men, Herouxville decided enough is enough, no more accommodation, adapt and live as civilized human beings in our Western Society or go back to your home country. Herouxville citizens strongly believe when in Rome, live as a Roman, with the utter respect for all with the same rights, sexual orientation, privileges for all, your here, your Canadian, not a hyphenated Canadian, get used to it.

Herouxville had a Town Hall meeting, and following an overwhelming vote by it’s citizens drafted the Herouxville TOWN CHARTER. Hence the struggle begins…. Herouxville feel if you are not part of the solution, then You as a citizen of the free world are part of the problem if you allow these atrocities to continue. An email or letter to your politicians and the media insisting this Town Charter be implemented as "Federal Canadian Law" is a first step of many in safeguarding our way of life and security as Canadians.