Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reasons in Part why Herouxville decided to ACT Now to preserve our Town, Lifestyle and Beliefs.

Dear Visitors to our Town Charter weblog. The face on the woman in the Photo speaks volumes about the loving doctrines of Islam.

What started Herouxville drafting a Herouxville Town Charter this year,began in part due to a number of issues reported in the media this year (2006-2007) affecting all Canadians, below is just a small brief summary of the Canadian media reported FACTS;

FACT # 1
Ms. Manji an outspoken and practising Canadian Muslim woman and authour in the media has received numerous death threats from Islamist organisations and or members of the Muslim community. Herouxville citizens were dismayed that in this day and age a Canadian who speaks her mind frankly would be targeted by a so called benevolent religion of Islam.

FACT # 2
Quebec Bureaucrats felt a similar threat from Imams and the Muslim community over Veils not being removed during voting at the polls, Herouxville stated in the media, to install female polling members at voting stations would resolve all this, but of course that story never made the light of day in the media.

FACT # 3
Canadian Politicians were actually serious in considering allowing Shari Law in the Canadian Courts to accommodate Muslim Men, anyone who knows about Sharia Law, knows it's brutality.

FACT # 4
Accommodation for certain religious cultural issues in the media reported that Female Police officers, Female Prison Guards and female Military personnel must use discretion when dealing with men of certain religious cultures who do not wish females in authority to question them, touch them, arrest them as it is demeaning to their religious belief, and to "Please call a man to do this"!

Herouxville citizens as well as Canadians were outraged by this, and feel any person male or female who risk themselves and put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life and country must submit to such disrespect and degradation in not allowing to fulfill their sworn duties as policewomen, soldiers and other enforcement personnel is a travesty to all of us in Canada. Herouxville felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages.

FACT # 5
Cultural and Honour Killings of women in Vancouver, and Toronto a few times a year featured in the media. Well being a small town where everybody knows one another, a meeting was held as Herouxville felt if this a vision of things to come, when the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms state all are equal in the eyes of god, well Herouxville watched that little piece of paper go right into the toilet as Politicans were considering Sharia Law which state not all are equal in the eyes of God, because religious beliefs insist on special treatment and accommodation of Muslim men.
Again, Herouxville felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages.

A Female teacher who disciplines a Muslim boy must respect his belief women are inferior to men, because of his culture. Once again,Herouxville citizens felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages. Herouxville are not against any religious faith per say. as long as it does not degrade or prevent others from living in peace and prosperity. But the Islamic faith not allowing children, boys and girls to socialize, swim together, interact as human beings. By prohibiting this boys will think they are special, and later superior and grow up to treat all Canadian women as subservient and as second class citizens. What else are Herouxville citizens to think? If Muslim boys and Men do not believe women are equally as smart, with the only role model they will ever be exposed to is a Islamic forced belief that subservient mother and sisters are a way of life. This is contrary to Canadians morals and way of life in Herouxville and every Civilized Western Society.

Intelligent Muslim women, knowing the culture they live in certainly see the
oppression as well as the beauty of Canadian life, but sadly the oppression is starting to rear its ugly head in Canada and Western Society as a whole.
Routine Canadian cultural killings and treating any women as chattel, and who are our beloved grandmothers, wives, sisters, aunts, teachers and lovers must stop immediately.

Canadian Television Journalist and Personality “Michael Coren” held a panel discussion with religious leaders and religious authourities. A Canadian (Toronto) Islamic stated that all Canadians should embrace Islam and then stated “Sharia Law” should be in Canadian Law, along with the televised statement in which he replied it was okay to behead a woman for marital indiscretions (if the man had 4 male witnesses to attest to it). Herouxville citizens realize it does not take Rocket Scientist to figure out that how many of his Muslim friends would side with him in his quest for a speedy divorce and instant bachelorhood/Widowhood (In their goal to behead this mans wife) and then this Islamic Imam states again his wish that all Canadians embrace and convert to Islam. This Imam actually says this to Canadians on Television! Herouxville citizens horrified, decided to speak up, since no one else (Ethnic vote grabbing politicians) was at the time and say "NOT IN OUR TOWN", enough is enough for accommodation for cultural groups. Last time Herouxville checked this was still Canada. Our policy is all are welcome regardless of culture with the caveat; Adapt or don't move to Herouxville, Quebec, Canada. If Herouxville does not to speak up, who will? Who would be next on this Islamic hit list? Gays, Nay sayers to Islam, Non-Muslims?

Issue #8
Islam refuses to evolve with modern society.
The majority of religions that were developed and suited everyone in the Dark Ages have to evolve with modern times, we feel Islam, and other similar religions should as well. Of course our society is not perfect, but you know, Western Society as a whole are living in relative peace and prosperity, yet virtually every single Muslim country is in turmoil, turmoil caused by religious strife, even against each other.
How can Islamists state their way of life is peaceful? This is no way to live!
Muslims need to evolve, otherwise Canada is next as this problem is currently happening in Europe, so the time to stop it is now!

There is enough violence against women in society (Serial Killer Pickton Trial) across Canada caused by Canadians without having this Islamic belief in the forefront. Gays would certainly be next in this accommodation, as would be anyone else who is contrary to their beliefs. Who knows where it will end?

In ending who stood up to the inaction of Politicians and Bureaucrats? No one except Herouxville, and upon learning many other accommodations in the works to appease Islamic Men, Herouxville decided enough is enough, no more accommodation, adapt and live as civilized human beings in our Western Society or go back to your home country. Herouxville citizens strongly believe when in Rome, live as a Roman, with the utter respect for all with the same rights, sexual orientation, privileges for all, your here, your Canadian, not a hyphenated Canadian, get used to it.

Herouxville had a Town Hall meeting, and following an overwhelming vote by it’s citizens drafted the Herouxville TOWN CHARTER. Hence the struggle begins…. Herouxville feel if you are not part of the solution, then You as a citizen of the free world are part of the problem if you allow these atrocities to continue. An email or letter to your politicians and the media insisting this Town Charter be implemented as "Federal Canadian Law" is a first step of many in safeguarding our way of life and security as Canadians.


Anonymous said...

As Federal Canadian law?! Having your citizenship stripped for treason would be too good for you-embarassment to true Canadians from coast to coast to coast!

jdavidppl11 said...

I completely agree with your position. We have allowed ALL of Canada to be swallowed up by cultures that do not embrace Canadian values. Our open door policy to "anyone with a pulse" has resulted in a major crime wave caused by predominantly immigrants for whom life has no value and in religious cultures who openly declare the majority of us (hosts) as infidels. And, the direction this is headed is not positive.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous from Winnepeg, your bravery is complimentary, as our soldiers fighting and dying overseas in the middle east for democracy for those being ethnically cleansed from this earth state for people such as yourself. Our soldiers state, if you do not stand behind us, you are most certainly welcome to stand in front of us.
Somehow I think your position would be in a closet with your Starbucks Tofu Frappe Latte and your wanna be Star Trek uniform.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty hard to disagree with this post: our wonderful Canada is being torn apart and destroyed by outsiders. If you want to come to Canada, you are welcome as long as you join us in who and what we are. If you want us to become like you, then please go back to where you came from: then you will be happy and we won't have to change.
Canada is a free country (more or less). This means I am free to refuse to accomodate you, and that you are free to become Canadian, and free to go away.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Herouxville's position on immigration and Canadian culture. In fact I agree so much, I've created a slogan you can actually wear on a T-shirt.

You can see it at Cafe Press.

hermanvk said...

Finally and hopefully not the only town to say what needs to be said:
We have a serious problem with backward religions in general and islam (lowercase intended) in particular.

Have a look at Europe to see where this barbaric religion brings us to.
21 millennium: and our politicians do....
exactly NOTHING.

Thumbs up for Herouxville!
The only town in the world who dares to stand up for our rights and freedom!

Anonymous said...

Visit http://www.herouxville.com for all the video clips.

Anonymous said...

Question to ask:

To whom does a original population own an apology for its preferences?

Is it fair thats newcomers, who manage to get "inside" but still behave "outside" can demand and insist of things not customary here?

Immigrants must accept certain restriction to assimilate by choice of moving here.
In return Canada has to make all necessary arrangement to allow immigrants to function. This means recognizing credentials and eliminating real barriers.
If I would be an insisting Turban or Burka wearer, I think I would fail the Canadian Population, never mind the lies about Multi Kulti.
I am an Immigrant and do not want any of the Multi Kulti Fassade.

Something has failed those Immigrants in their homecountries it would be highly recommend to step out the mental realm as well and do a new start without old stuff nobody needs or appreciates, short of some dogodder Ideologist living in a bubble.
Mult Kulti like Communism, Socialism and many more ..isms belong on the garbage heap of history.

René O'Deay said...

Hope your voices from Herouxville are not the lone voice in the wilderness. Does Herouxville translate to the 'Village of Heroes'? You certainly are heroes to me.

Barry O'Regan said...

Thanks Anon and Rene for your words of support, they do mean a lot.

That Canadian Guy said...

I feel like im possibly throwing this comment into a very deep dark pit.

What is it that makes us Canadian (do you consider yourself a Canadian first or a Quebeker first?) What is it that holds Canada together? What common ideological identity do we have.
I've long thought that where i lived in Alberta was very closed minded, unfortunatly i've been proven wrong.
These ideals that Canadian soldiers are fighting for, what are they? I'm sure that you will think 'Christian values' or something similar. Im also sure you are very well aware that Canada is Multicultural. The absolute genius (in my opinion) of the Multiculturalism Policy is that it takes Quebec culture and puts it on the exact same plane, totally parallel and equal as that of the new immigrant. No longer is Quebec culture any more important than anyone elses, and that is brilliant. So, if you don't like it, leave. Im sure you'll find lots of like minded thinkers in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

That Canadian Guy said...

So much for freedom of speech in Herouxville, what's next guys...

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