Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama war on terror: Will Islam ever stand up to Islamic extremists?

The United Nations (U.N) food aid program in Somalia has been suspended indefinitely due to concerns of food aid worker safety and increased demands for security payments to Islamic militants operating in lawless Somalia. This may result in the starvation of a million people caused by these Islamic militants.

Though there are different Islamic militants worldwide, they all seem to have a different agenda. One thing is clear, the agenda is not peace, but terror. Many Islamic terrorists feel they are freedom fighters for the people. Which people the terrorists are referring to is anyone's guess, certainly not innocent Muslim women, men and children gathering in the marketplace who all share the Islamic faith.

They seem to thrive on terrorizing innocent Muslim people who on a daily basis take their lives in their hands not knowing if they will get home alive, when all they are trying to do is to get groceries as they walk around with an imaginary bullseye on forehead.

Terror comes in many forms, from bombing innocent men, women and children, to placing countries on high alert and forcing society to profile for the public good or paranoia, it is all terror in some form or another.

Psychological terror also comes to countries such as Canada, far removed from the violence, bullets and suicide bombers. Though have had our share of so called Canadian terror cells and humanitarian agencies masking their true intent, as cultural groups who take to the streets in protest over the drop of a Hijab. All groups fall under suspicion whether they like it or not.

Terror does not always have to end in death, inconvenience can be a form of terror, as many subconsciously submit to hours standing in airport line ups or border crossings as armed guards question and second guess if your belongings contain explosives.

Terror profiling comes with questioning or detainment by authourities as agencies look to weed out terrorism and never assume innocent until proven guilty, it is a reversal brought on by suspected acts of terror.

Ottawa's Somali community have charged profiling of their young males who always seem to get picked out of the blue by our Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agency for questioning. This inflames the sensibilities of Somali's who feel they are being unfairly looked at as subversives or terrorist groups.

The recent story of Somali extremists in Canada being suspected of terrorist activities during the Obama Inauguration added fuel to the fire.

There is also the question that many non Somali Canadians who made a run for the border to attend Obama's Inauguration may not have undergone similar profiling or questioning.

Islam profess to be a kind and benevolent religion, with over a billion followers in almost every country around the globe. Islam also condemn these terrorist acts. Many question now, if you are a billion strong and such a tight knit community, why have Islamic groups not put a stop to the terrorism? Terrorism in which your own Muslim brethren are starved, imprisoned, terrorized or killed by these Islamic terrorist groups.

Saudi Arabia, an Islamic state has more money than GOD, certainly they along with other Muslims (a billion strong) who follow the Islamic faith could kick in a few bucks and a couple of million of God's soldiers to fight these Islamic terrorists and put a stop to all this?

Many feel that an immediate call to arms is in order, an easy accomplishment if you are truly horrified by these terrorist acts, especially against the West as you say! This, considering many make the West their home, so we must be doing something right? Notwithstanding the West sending our Western sons and daughters to fight and die on your behalf for your fellow oppressed Islamic citizens in order to help preserve your Muslim way of life in your own domain.

Remember and never forget, it was your followers of the Islamic faith carrying a $6.00 boxcutter who started the war on terrorism, and the responsibility lies with Islam to end this terrorism.

Failure to end it on your part gives you no right to protest, postulate,condemn or rant against us when all we are doing is protecting our right and your fellow Muslims right to live peacefully in each of our respective countries. Canada, a country your fellow Muslims the world over continue to fight tooth and nail to make their home.

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