Friday, April 16, 2010

Ann Coulter's O Canada

Ann Coulter, a smoking hot, legs to eternity U.S. right wingist, lawyer, conservative entertainer and political dancist is making headlines this week in the Canadian and US media.

Ann Coulter, always a treat to those who follow her antics, seems to enjoy taking her well manicured fingernail in picking at the scabs of liberal hypocrisy.

One example of liberal hypocrisy seems to stem from Ottawa University's Provost Francois Houle letter apprising Ann Coulter in advance of her arrival to the great white north, warning Ann to tone it down a notch so as not to contravene Canada's hate laws.

Ann took this letter to heart and filed a human rights complaint, outlying that her rights to free speech were being violated. After all, Ottawa University routinely brings in speakers who speak in similar tomes against Israel, western conservative values, except Muslim ultra strict conservative values, or anything remotely right of centre.

The difference being, free speech is only free if those ideals are shared by the student body whose ideology is taught and ingrained by University academics who misdirected goal in life is to mold tomorrows young minds with their own personal political ideology. Decades ago this used to be called cult brainwashing, but in universities it seems to be an accepted norm, as long as it is in an educational setting.

A mass protest at the University of Zero certainly did not wane Ann's attempt to dispense her unique spin of "How she would rule the world, even if for one day" to the media and to her followers, as Parliament Hill was on her bucket list.

Ms. Coulter certainly has a lot to say in her O Canada, refuting free speech, a mainstay of Canada and universities, especially Ottawa University or in her words a bush league University of Zero.

Ann Coulter certainly gets paid handsomely as speaker, up to $10,000 a pop, by those attendees who faithfully gather to hear her speak her mind on various diverse topics ranging from liberal governments, religion,environment, politicians, middle east, social programs, multiculturalism and anything that comes to her mind at the moment.

Vancouver's average Joe or Jane six pack also speak publicly on similar topics, though are not paid as handsomely, nor amass a similar national following and if so, most likely would be regaled to the local street corner protests on Hastings street or the Vancouver public library square, masked, with protest signs in hand.

So what is the difference between the two? Entertainment, Marketing and a ready and willing liberal and conservative audience waiting to either protest or attend her functions, either way Ann has cornered the market on controversy, with media outlets eagerly looking to fill a slow news day and protesters looking for the next excuse to take to the streets.

In the end, security concerns for Ann's safety resulted in her speech being canceled, though it is said she still collected her speakers fee, said to amount to 10K.

Calgary, Alberta is her next whistle stop and believed to be more receptive to hear Ann's wisps of wisdom. To be sure, Ontario, in particular the University of Zero will be one topic Ann will discuss at length, with thundering applause by Albertan's who since the Trudeau implemented National Energy Program of the 1960's are tired of Easterner's suckling at the Western Financial Teat.

With Ann's anti Canadian stance it is not known if Ann accepts her fee in Canadian or U.S. funds, but the saying when "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks".

Love Ann or hate her, one thing for sure is Ann wins regardless.

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Kenneth V. Tellis said...

Ann Coulter was picked on because she happens to be American and in the eyes of the University of Ottawa that means English-speaking. Note the name of the person who warned her to be on her best behaviour? It was a French sounding name which means that person was either a Canadien or a Quebecois, which when checked further means Joual-speaking (French patois). It is the usual spiel from these people who try to put down anyone who speaks English.

Don't be taken in by that fairy tale that Canada is a BILINGUAL Country, because it is certainly not. Quebec's OFFICIAL LANGUAGE is JOUAL (French patois)and English is not even permitted on Road Signs and above all, if you put up a sign in English, the POLICE would ticket you and you would have to pay through your nose for your error in judgment.