Friday, April 16, 2010

Sherif Emil: Tolerating the intolerant

Sherif Emil, a Montreal physician and freelance writer knows firsthand about Canada's futile attempts in trying to accommodate the unreasonable when it comes other cultures who demand Canadians be tolerant of their customs and views.

The biggest issue facing Canadians is the issue of the niqab, which is gaining infamy in western countries who are implementing laws to ban it.

Canada on the other hand is not banning it, but requesting those who don it, must remove it when requesting government services or banking.

While many Canadians see the niqab as an affront against women, many women of Muslim faith feel it is their choice, not Canadians.

Then there is the issue of Canada's Multiculturalism and Diversity used by groups for their own agenda and a sore point for many, Canadians, who feel it is not being used as it is intended. Many Canadians feel it is being misused by cultural groups and human rights tribunals as loopholes and catch-22s in achieving their goals which may be contrary to Canada's law or social mores.

Everything from special meals demanded for those of a culture who are incarcerated for crimes committed in Canada, to showing ones face on a drivers licence to arranged marriages all go against the grain of Canada's sensibilities. This also includes wanting to govern people of their own culture an religion accordingly, without Canadian laws interfering with their decision, Sharia law is one example which raises the cackles of many Canadians.

It seems while some cultures enjoy the benefits of Canada, like freedom and democracy, there are cultures who do not desire to put Canada first when it comes to loyalty or adhering to our laws.

Cultural groups whose organizations are banned in Canada as fronts for terrorist organizations has many of these organizations up in arms, as they feel since their organization is not a threat to Canada, Canada should stay out of it.

The problem being setting up terror cells to organize to terrorize another country far, far away and in relative safety and out of gun shot range in Canada is not something Canada wishes to be known for in Western Society.

Many cultures to this day, disregard our laws in this and continue to operate trumping their own cultural laws over ours.

On the other hand certain cultures abhor women's rights, abortion, gay lifestyles, freedom of expression or Canada's laws or lifestyle choices, ye tll choose to immigrate to Canada knowing full well of our society, yet wish to change it to their liking either through legislation or protest.

Cultures, which express through the human rights tribunal, the media, or in protest and demand Canada and all Canadians must accommodate their whims or religious ideology, for Canada's Multicultural and Diversity ideals state we must.

What is good for the goose, does not seem good for the gander when it comes to religious tolerance or ideologies of other cultures here and abroad.

The issue of some cultures have towards other cultures indifference showing a hypocrisy if brought to their attention, can and has resulted in these same cultures to bring charges of intolerance, extending to hate crimes or discrimination to those who point out such hypocrisies.

The issue of Islam and the Judeo christian theology in Canada and the world over shows Islamic Muslims are not tolerant of any other religion but their own.

Muslims are traditionally Conservative in their beliefs, with Islamic Muslims Ultra Conservative, yet both Conservatives ally with Liberals, who by all rights and sensibilities should be adversaries at every turn. But, the liberals invented the ideals of multiculturalism and diversity, though these conservative Muslims abhor these ideals, they are free to pick and choose what suits their goals for the interim.

This alliance between the two strange bedfellows seems to be more of a convenience for the conservative to use liberal doctrine to their goals, and the liberals to further their political agenda, knowing full well if these liberals tried to force their ideologies in another country such as Saudi Arabia, Iran or other Islamic country, they would never be heard from again.

Yet Canada allows Muslims the right to prayer, mosques, dress and special compensations not accorded other religions or cultures in their own country before making Canada their home. Though they still adhere to their old country values and not Canada's dream, that all are equal under the eyes of god and Canada.

So it should be a given that once a Islamic Muslim majority in their own Muslim country, and now a minority in Canada, it certainly shows Muslims understand discrimination, as they practiced it so thoroughly back home, yet now when the shoe is on other foot, they certainly are quick to use it in Canada in reasonable accommodation.

Dr. Sherif Emil's first hand account of growing up Christian in a country where the government is a Muslim majority certainly deserves a read on past and current events not regularly featured in the Western media.

Islamic ruled countries whose rule of law forbids any custom, belief or culture which transgresses Islamic law, has serious penalties ranging from a lashing to a beheading. Something not practiced in Canada, Muslims know this, yet feel it is justified because some scribe took artistic licence when writing the Koran a little over thousand years ago in the dark ages.

Yet if the Koran or Bible were authoured today, it would be treated as fiction, or banned and the scribe imprisoned for hate crimes. Mein Kampf would be treated much the same.

A little over 3 years ago, Andre Drouin, from a small town in Quebec called Herouxville raised a firestorm of worldwide contraversy.

The citizens of Herouxville, represented by Andre Drouin saw Canada's Multiculturalism and Diversity with reasonable accommodation for cultures the world over as unreasonable, by those who clearly wished to impose their belief and customs and modify or eliminate Canadian cultural beliefs.

As soon as Mr. Drouin made it public and voiced his towns concerns, the slings and arrows of protest began from cultural groups and politicians who sought to ridicule the tiny hamlet of Herouxville.

Today, the ridicule is now centred at those politicians and cultural groups who clearly took advantage of Canada's reasonable accommodation, hence the political changes in Canada amongst Canadians who overwhelming response demanded change.

If there is a good book, espoused to kindness to all man, I have yet to read it or know of it's existence, if these so called good books state " peace be upon you or love your fellow man", but in the same breath states "an eye for an eye and kill all infidels who are not of ye faith" to those who do not follow the good books doctrine to the letter leaves many to wonder if their "imaginary friends" should be left in the fiction section, instead of Gospel?

Sherif Emil and Andre Drouin, both Canadians, share a similar outlook and distaste on intolerance.

Yet one is not branded a racist, most likely as Multiculturalism and Diversity dictates the colour of one's skin as a validation of their sincerity.

How hypocritical.

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